Raise funds to sustain DegrowthTalks’ activities

We are a collective that works on a voluntary basis (despite putting many many hours into these projects) and we are incurring in fundamental expenses to keep running our activities: livestream services, web services, animations, video editing, and so on. We are also looking for funding elsewhere, but especially in these troubled times, finding funds for our projects is an increasingly difficult task. There is not better way to keep funding our activities by being helped by many small donations of our supportive comrades. To make degrowth hegemonic, we need the people-power of each one of us! Please help how you can 🙂 

  • 25% Funded
  • 370,00€ Funded

Wallmapu Caravan – Free Media for the Mapuche People

Somos colectivos de comunicación popular y alternativa de distintos lugares del continente latinoamericano y el mundo (Argentina, Chile, México, Brasil, Alemania, Honduras, Guatemala, Perú, Costa Rica), nos encontramos en 2015 en México y desde entonces venimos generando espacios para el intercambio, el aprendizaje y la circulación de los saberes desde, por y para los pueblos.
En agosto de 2016 nos juntamos en Brasil para realizar el Mutirão ( https://es-la.facebook.com/RadioMutirao/), una cobertura en favelas y territorios semi-urbanos afectados por la organización de los Juegos Olímpicos de Río de Janeiro. Nos volvimos a reunir en Honduras en un intercambio con comunidades y organizaciones donde reconocimos la situación alarmante de violaciones de Derechos Humanos a través de sus documentaciones y experiencias. Allí surgió la Caravana Mesoamericana de Medios Libres (http://vocesdemesoamerica.org/), nuestro segundo proyecto, realizado en 2017, donde nos planteamos como meta una vinculación directa con las luchas y los medios que acompañan la defensa del territorio.
En esta tercer edición, la Caravana Wallmapu busca poner los gritos de lucha que hoy da el pueblo mapuche en el espíritu de todos los pueblos del mundo a través de nuestras herramientas de medios libres. Entendemos la comunicación de manera integral y practicamos la acción comunicacional como herramienta de disputa, nos organizamos en la trinchera comunicacional apostando a construir un mundo sin fronteras.

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House of Cardboard

On the Greek island of Samos, we set up the pilot facility to reclaim, upcycle and creatively reuse tons of cardboard that are wasted every day here.

We have approximately half of the equipment needed to do it. But we need your help to get the other half, to start activity and to go through first three months, until we become financially sustainable.

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  • 0,00€ Funded

FairCoin Stability Fund

the FairCoop assembly has decided to launch this permanent crowdfunding campaign in order to create and operate a “FairCoin Stability Fund”, which from now on will have the role of adding liquidity to the market in order to buy FairCoin when the market price is low enough.

  • 2% Funded
  • 10.915,00€ Funded

Contribute to the Décentrale Synergiehub on Mont-Soleil

Synergiehub, an epicenter for self-empowered culture Dear friends and supporters of Dézentrale and Synergiehub,  Our beautiful house and landscape is in need of critical renovation and restoration and therefore we ask your help.    As you maybe already know,…

  • 92% Funded
  • 13.865,00€ Funded

Refugees Fund – FairCoop

This fund will focus on helping autonomous and self-management projects involving refugees and solving their need to retain full control over the decisions made in their lives. For example new settlements, and the creation of productive and holistic initiatives with which they can fulfill their material and immaterial needs on a daily basis, while offering something useful to the society in which they find themselves.

  • 31% Funded
  • 7.791,13€ Funded
FairFunds of FairCoop

FairCoop, the Earth cooperative for a fair economy

The permanent Coopfunding campaign to feed the Fair Coop funds is scheduled for a resource redistribution action, at both local and global scales. Through this campaign Fair Coop facilitates everyone at the same time to start a faircoin savings account trhough FairSaving.

  • 2% Funded
  • 1.600,00€ Funded

We all fund, Coopfunding

CoopFunding: An open and participatory platform for crowdfunding, to promote self financing of social and cooperative projects.   Presentation Coopfunding is a crowdfunding platform (micro financiation/micro sponsoring web) which gives cooperative…

  • 37% Funded
  • 1.102,31€ Funded