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By Espai Transparent

Espai Transparent is a literally transparent place located in La Selva, Girona (Catalogna).

Espai Transparent is a space of re-encounter within the community and also with ourselves and our health, a space of confluence of synergies between people as well as a space to foster the evolution of consciousness through Art, alternative information, healthy food for body and mind, and ethical, cooperativistic, social and solidary economy.

Espai TransparentWe opened to the public in January 2018, originally as a cooperative, but since March we constituted as a non-profit association and since April 2018 we operate as such, being Espai Transparent the base of the “Salut i Desenvolupament Integral” (Health and Integral Development) association.

In these last two years of the Espai’s life, a number of events have taken place (see on the web) but the activity that has been most consolidated being the famous open Jams “Discharge-Recharge” every Thursday, uninterrupted for two years.

In the jams, you can listen, make and dance all kind of musical experiences with diverse atmospheres and styles, a multicultural sound space open to improvisation, with a wide range of instruments from all over the world, always ready to be played at any time.

These jams have made it possible to generate a lot of synergies around music and food, such as the creation of musical groups, collective learning among participants, music and dance collective courses and tuitions, gastronomic samples, talks, various performances, etc.

We want to continue with the project, but we need an economic injection.

Resources have been invested to keep the project alive, from the initial investment to legalize the opening (about 6000 euros so far) and each month involves fixed costs (and extraordinary), but not yet generate as many resources, which is why each month an investment has been necessary to complete the payments and continue with the project.
Nor the hours we dedicated ever been charged; all that has been done to date is the result of the activism and enthusiasm of a few.

The project aims to move forward while maintaining social prices and striving to improve quality wherever possible, yet both the “common good” and “quality” are no business, quite the contrary.

We believe that it is vital to invest to develop the common good, but without expecting an immediate monetary return but the improvement of the quality of life, health, welfare and joy of life.

We opened this campaign to be able to co-finance the project together, an easy way to help it go ahead.

Projects to be developed are not lacking, but there is a lack of collective investment of resources of about 5000 to be able to continue.

If the project resonates with you and you wish to help keep it alive, make a contribution to the extent that you can.
It can be done publicly or anonymously and through various means of payment. In case you need it, a receipt of the donation will be issued to you, which will allow you to deduct it from your tax return.

You are also welcome to visit us, Arbucies is an eclectic multicultural village where many amenities can be enjoyed and participate with us to this project.

If you also wish to join the association or contribute regularly, filling out the online registration form at

It will be very welcomed any sharing to your peers if you reckon they can be interested to support the project.

Thanks, thanks, thanks!



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