Building Worldwide Democratic Confederalism

By Democratic Confederalism

This 6th to 13th of September, grassroots movements from across the world are meeting in Iceland to discuss new strategies and build a movement for worldwide democratic confederalism. 

The climate crisis is raging and the world’s ecology is collapsing at terrifying speeds, and we’re witnessing social breakdown as the culmination of years of increasing marginalisation and inequality. This climate danger has sparked a wave of worldwide movements, from Fridays for Future to Extinction Rebellion, showing that more than ever people are prepared to take action and stand up for an ecological future, calling on governments to change. But the Left-wing movements of the past decade making demands on government have lost traction for one reason: the government is not made for the people.

In the face of crisis and popular unrest, governments and politicians have continued as normal. Tied to the interests of big business, it is clear that the undemocratic, slow-moving institutions of government are incapable of taking the urgent action needed on climate and social issues. Instead, we’ve seen parliamentary democracy move towards authoritarianism and fascism, and the spread of the global Far-right.

Now more than ever, we have to find a way to move beyond the politics of protest and demands on politicians; we have to find a way to empower people and communities around the world to take control of their futures and by building the alternative societies the planet needs. Now more than ever, we need democratic confederalism. Democratic confederalism is a way all people can take back direct democratic power and implement ecological, social and political solutions for our common good. But we will only win with an international movement.

That’s why more than 20 local and global groups have already registered to come together for a week in a preliminary meeting in Iceland where we will focus on building a broad and inclusive network of movements to set up an agenda for 2020 and start building a global movement of democratic confederalism. We will work together, educate ourselves, and plan practically how our movements will empower the people to organize and respond to the ecological emergency. Having come together in Iceland, we’ll return to our countries ready and prepared to start organising for a new future and building the movement from the ground-up.

We’re calling for support from all like-minded individuals and organisations who share the goal of building popular power and a free and ecological society. Your support will make sure that we can cover the hosting expenses of the participants who can’t afford them all and that we have the facilities we need in Iceland. The more support we get the more we can help cover travel costs for people coming from far places, ensuring that from the very start the movement is as diverse and inclusive as possible. We want this meeting to be well-organized and fruitful – a big success – and we can only do that with your support. We hope you will help in whatever way you can!

The proposed amount of 10000 is an estimation, knowing that we have already around 30 people registered and the calculated needed support for them is already more than 8000 eur.

If you want to join the meeting as an individual or as delegate of an organisation, sign up on the registration form here:

If you can’t make it in person, you are warmly welcomed to join the meetings via our online register form:

If you want to learn more about democratic confederalism, check out these articles and books:

Let’s make this movement happen!

With solidarity,


Registered collectives so far:

In person

Fridays for future (Uganda, Italy and Lithuania)
United Kingdom Student Climate Network
Global Tapestry of Alternatives,
Cambridge Social Ecology 
Symbiotic Horizon  (UK),
Coordination ecologie sociale Liege,  
Kalpavriksh (India) 
Institute of social ecology (US),
symbiosis (US), 
Weizmann Institute of Science,
Budapest Cooperative Center, 
Liberando Tierras (Chiapas), 
Red Latinomericana de Socioeconomía Solidaria
Ayya mouvement (France), 
Dáiddadállu Artist Collectiv (Sapmi)
Home of Gaia (Netherland)
Global Ecovillages Network (GEN)
Extinction Rebellion UK (Social organizing system and 
Arts groups)


World association of Permaculture
p2p Foundation
Safe Campaign (Nepal)
Together in Creation (Mexico)
Ecologistas en acción  (Spain)
Iberian ecovillage Network
Transnational Institute of Social Ecology
Pueblo Union
Media cooperative thessaloniki

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  2. Debbie Bookchin
  3. Leo Thiebald
  4. Cora Roelofs
  5. Full circle foundation
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  7. Lorenzo Velotti

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