Energy for future – Crowdfunding a plan to help the communities produce their own green energy locally

By Energy for future

Crowdfunding a plan 

to help the communities produce their own green energy locally

If the expression “climate change” reminds you of the uncomfortable feeling experienced when you realize you cannot really take a concrete action to change reality, get ready to change your perspective.
For sure, when you hear about “Friday for Future” you think about protests, demonstrations, discussions. And we actually chose to call our cooperative “Energy for Future”, because we share the same aim with the movement which is fighting against climate change.
However, besides all this, we strongly believe the protection of the planet can only be pursued by means of concrete actions. In other words, by building tangible examples of an alternative way to manage energy production.
This is what our cooperative Energy for Future is working on. 

We go beyond the talk and the protest against climate change.
We identify local communities aiming to build their own renewable energy plants. 
We empower them in order to make them able to adopt instruments of direct democracy to take over the decision making related to the power generation in their territories. 
We commit in crowdfunding on their behalf and support them in the implementation of the technology they prefer.
And, finally, they build a fair alternative to green capitalism, where the main focus was still the generation of profit instead of the wellbeing of the specific community involved in the use renewable energy. 
This means they develop a practical “new way” of implementation of green choices in the energy sector, where the decision and the coordination of the project becomes “local”.
And the local one is actually the only level where all of us can take action to generate an impact at the global one. 
It is like we have to build archipelagos of local projects representing a model both for the green technology they use and for the deep democratization of the process.
Year after year, these “groups of islands” and their success based on what the degrowth activists call “re-localisation” of the decision-making process, will be more and more visible to the public opinion, leading other communities to carry out similar projects, growing the number of the realities which replace the centrality of profit with the centrality of the human community.
Today, everyone talks about the importance of saving the planet Earth.
However, sustainable economy is possible only if regional communities are provided with the necessary knowledge and means to deliberate regarding their green energy sources, decide on the territorial resources and take control of their ecosystems.
It will take years probably to generate such a number of these concrete examples of fair alternatives, but at some point their ability in helping the planet will be noticed, studied, recognized and modelled all over the World.
That’s why this is a Revolution. A Practical Revolution, based on facts and not on words.
We work constantly to identify communities aspiring to be drivers of the change in creating and managing green energy plants, we already identified a number of them, especially in Catalonia, as you can see in the section dedicated to the upcoming projects.
By counting on the high level expertise of our team both in communication and in environmental and social activism, we are committed in helping these local communities find enough investors to finance their game changing energy projects.
You can be one of them.  You can pursue an environmental revolution by helping also a change on the political side, first and foremost by empowerng communities that experience direct democracy.
Since wehave big goals, we are now just in an early stage of the project. That’s why this is a seed campaign to provide Energy for Future with the capacities to develop their goals, making the infrastructure ready to launch the first two projects.

The goal is 20,000 Euros, distributed in this different concepts:
Image, communication, difusion materials, contents project: 3,000 Euros
Juridic development in the UK, in France and in Catalonia: 3,500 Euros
Design and engineering of the solar project: 3,000 Euros
Preparation work for the solar crowdfunding campaign: 2,500 Euros
Juridic security of first two projects: 8,000 Euros

The investors of this first campaign could choose to convert their investment in shares of any of the projects we will run next. They will be associated to a win of 3% or bigger. Or alternatively you could decide to donate the profit to be reinvested in the same projects. 
According to the amount you invest, you will be a shareholder in a local project which will contribute to a huge, global impact.
Fill the form below, choose the amount you want to invest and be the one to finance one of the revolutions we need to save the planet.
Invest today, with the awareness of being a real changemaker for our nature, wildlife and for the conservation of human life as well.
Or, alternatively, join one of the public events where we promote our crowdfunding campaign, learn more and decide if you want to be part of this epic mission that we are about to start. 
However, the greatest reward will be the certainty of being a first line actor in the salvation of the planet.
But remember: the planet is a living being. And projects like those ones that Energy for Future is supporting can be a real, tangible healing for this immense creature we need to save.

Invest today, be part of our crowdfunders, go beyond mere protest, be part of the Practical Revolution we are starting to build!

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