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Since the beginning of this Coronavirus crisis, we detected the surprising lacking presence of immune guidelines and suggestions from WHO, politics and the press. 
– The guidelines mentioned did not take into account that the immune capacity of our bodies to expel the virus is something  modulated by our nutrition and our behavior
– Still being this virus is very similar to SarsCov, known since 2003, no clinical trials have been conducted before to include together Quercetin and other immune regulatory natural substances, like A, C, D3 vitamins and Zinc, as an antiviral medication, despite there are plenty of in vitro trials, supercomputer indications, animal trials and user experience of their significant efficiency in many viral or immune related diseases.
– The lack of private economic incentive for testing unpatentable natural products seems to be the main reason.
We believe that the current Covid-19 crisis should lead to a broad analysis that allow the most effective natural products to be clinically tested and affordable, unpatented drugs put in service of the health system broadly.


On one side, has been a lack of presence in western health systems and media, of the healing capacity of our bodies and natural health based prevention and medicines, let people to take care of their health as prevention or on first symptoms before being too late.
On the other side, there is a weakness of clinical trials process today:
– Depends of funding of bigpharma industries and governments. Their interests rule the research.
– Implementation depends of hospitals finding patients.
– lack of transparency of economics of clinical trials
– lack of active participation opportunity by citizens and patients.
– lack of transparency and traceability of the data found in the trials, which causes the results published.
As a result, medicines are too expensive and quality is corrupted by economic interests, confusing the public, and marginalizing natural and cheap medicines.


Given the lack of solutions, that have consensus amongst scientifics and health authorities for  giving to patients presenting the initial symptoms, We want to enhance the citizen empowerment to support a observational study
and a clinical trial to research how effective can be a Immune Kit with natural compounds such QuercetinVitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamina AZinc and others to protect our health from Covid-19
This compounds are already used and promoted by health practitioners of different parts of the world, but it is essential to find scientific evidence that this kit is effective as a prophylactic for risky situations or when the first symptoms appear. We want to proof that can greatly reduce symptomatic cases of Covid-19 and their severity, and similar viral illness that exist with similar symptoms or could appear in the future.
And we need your help for this. We want to achieve with the participation of citizens who can support to financially make possible the clinical trial and also the observational study where it will be possible to participate as volunteers too.
We are building a citizen-empowered platform aiming for a collaboration between scientists, professionals and citizens in times of pandemic and to prepare for a healthier future.
This platform is being built in the form of a cooperative, all the participants will be shareholders and will have a voice in the decision process. Is planned to include four dapps:
– Discussion dapp: Space for professionals, researchers and citizens.
– Decision dapp: process for Immunes Health as a cooperative
– Crowdfunding dapp. To support researches and clinical trials
– Clinical trials dapp: To support trials to connect with citizens and research transparency.


Everyone could become a member of the cooperative since a initial contribution of a minimal of 10 euros, and by their participation help to make possible the goals of Immunes Health.
By contributing with bigger amounts who have this chance will help to accelerate having the funds to produce and distribute a compounds for prophylaxis and a pilot clinical trial, of Quercetin with C Vitamin.
With this contribution you will
– support the economic resources needed for a pilot clinical trial to be realized next autumn and winter.
– support generating a revenue for the building of the platform.
Related the clinical trial, you will be able to join as volunteer for the prophilactic therapy and first symptoms if you have them on next curse. That will not have a cost and will be independent of being contributed in the crowdfunding. The way how to join the clinical trial will be informed when all the project and method is ready.
In the Social Immunes Health platform.
Everyone will be able to present topics, contribute to discussions and participate in the decisions.
At same time:
– Healthy citizens that wants to contribute to the project, worried about the fundamentals of the health system and how to improve it. They can contribute to extend the project and to finance the clinical trials they believe in. Can join also prophylactic trials.
– Patients. Ill Citizens. They need new medicines and therapies that solve their illness problems. They contribute specifically to the clinical trials and researches that can help their health. Can join trials as patients.
– Researchers: They need support from citizens and patients to develop their clinical trials with independency. Without them they depend of big founders that have their own interests, usually disconnected from the common good. Will introduce their trials in the platform.


– New members will buy shares of the project, which will help on the working capital.
– Meanwhile the platform is being built we will create revenue based in distribution of Immune suplements linked to the pilot clinical trial.  Read more information about the distribution of supplements in this link:
– When crowdfunding and clinical trials dapp are built we will incorporate central revenue models, based on a small % of the funds raised for clinical trials by our platform. Also other charges for the use of the clinical trials platform would be incorporated


Our current plan is
– Now with this crowdfunding  to make us capable of partner with a producer, and distributing the selected Natural supplements at a cheaper price, and then sustain the platform building mainly on the distribution of such products as part of the suggested kit for Covid-19 and the pilot clinical trial compound to prevent any second wave. Currently we already has launched the shop for members that you can see at:
– Having first funds available and active participation of the members, we will be building the team and incorporating more people with different expertise onboard. 
– As a following step we plan to  launch a beta version of social network decentralized platform, that will be called, social Immunes Health From the beginning, any member will be able to contribute in the platform and share their ideas, proposals and self-organize…contributing to the decision process.
– Before finish 2020 we will launch a online observational study with hopefully your participation. Still being difficult that an online study will have full scientific validation, we expect that will be helpful to extend Immunes Health and to generate public impact in relation to the Covid-19 treatments.
– On early 2021 should be launched the pilot clinical trial to research the effectiveness of a immunity kit, to prevent and reduce the symptoms of Covid-19 and other respiratory virus.
Key metrics.
– During the first year we plan to welcome 10000 members. Over the second year and when launching first clinical trials, this metric should growth to 50000 members.
– Since the second year, we will have the goal to begin to host at least one new clinical trial per month.


There is lack of citizen participation and data transparency in Clinical trials
Immunes health plans to disrupt this sector building the first citizen empowered clinical trials platform.
Our vision long term is milions of citizens and health professionals organized to take care of public health, boosting research and proof of efficacy of natural medicines from the people to the people.
For making this possible we need at the first to generate an initial social capital for Immunes Health Cooperative to begin to operate. 
At the same time, we are supporting the generation of an observationa study and a first pilot clinical trial to research how effective is a combination of Quercetin,   C vitamin, D3 vitamin, A vitamin and zinc,, to prevent and reduce the symptoms of Covid-19 and other connected illness
With this crowdfunding we aim to get the basic funds to support a first pilot clinical trial and for distributing natural supplements like Quercetin and C Vitamin generating revenue from it; and investing in development of the digital platform that will become a space of collaboration between citizens and health professionals, for discusion, decision, crowdfunding and transparency of clinical trials.
We need you now for this important pilot clinical trial and to create a social network of members of the Immunes Health cooperative, that build the ground floor together for having later the full building of our roadmap.

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