JO SOLANA: Veu, Guitarra i Sentiment Profund

By Jo Solana


JoSolanaFrontDemo3Hi, I’m Jo Solana some of you know me as Juanito Piquete, I am presenting to the world the sample of my first solo  album, “Voice, Guitar and deep feeling”

Jo Solana will travel inside out, a return to innocence and tenderness, also the deep feeling by voice and guitar.

Nude and humble, but with the intention of expressing, through my fingers and mouth, feelings and melodies that comes from the inside of a human being who loves.Also  without losing the critical sense, that is manifested with gentleness and melancholy mixed with strength in songs by whom believes in what he says, and especially in what he does.

Direct, tender and firm at the time.


Why  Coopfunding?

To obtain funds for a high quality recording and editing the first Jo Solana solo album.In  collaboration with fellow musicians and activists who often give their art selflessly and with solidarity.

Now, I want to ask you for support if by listening this video you feel worthy to, make a voluntary contribution with this humble work. This is based on the text of admired Catalan poets besides texts and music composed by Jo Solana played for some very close friends musicians. In order  to bring it to a format that allows you to enjoy the energy of this project with all its strength and quality.

I encourage you to participate in CoopFunding page and cooperate as best as you decide

Thanks for reading …

Health and Poetry

Jo Solana


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