Spring Academy 2019

Spring Academy 2019

30 April – 4 May 2019

Corfu, Greece

What is the Spring Academy?

Spring: “to release or set free”

Academy: “A society of learned people united for the advancement… of what they do”

Workshops, circles, performances and coming together for people of all ages.

Learning through Sharing.

Space for essential contact and evolution.

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Why do we need your help?

To make dreams come true you have to do one thing: START! And that’s what we did.

Many hours of voluntary work have been invested into the Spring Academy and we are glad to carry on making this project true. All of our work will be wasted if this doesn’t include one special person: YOU! The Spring Academy is available to everyone and operates with free donation. In order to make this possible we ask for financial support through this fundraising campaign. You will be supporting not only this Academy but everything that will be born from it. To guarantee a high quality of learning, food and sleeping place for everyone we rely on donations. The success of the Spring Academy can only be guaranteed if you support our work. Only like this we can offer an education camp for everyone who is interested.

What we have achieved so far

  • A network of excellent educators, teachers, facilitators and trainers giving generous content and knowledge to the Spring Academy’s schedule.
  • A highly motivated and committed volunteer team that already organised Spring Academies in 2017 and 2018.
  • Cooperation with Casa Lucia for three years so far.
  • A new website, which will bring you benefit actively.
  • “Small Spring Academies” to carry the spirit of the “big” Spring Academy throughout the year.
  • An art and crafts room and a music and games room at Casa Lucia to give talents more space.

Where do we need help

  • On a non-profit level we want to guarantee teachers, speakers, facilitators and artists that their expenses are covered.
  • The perfect conditions of Casa Lucia are invaluable and worthy to support. We don´t want our host to be left with their expenses not covered.
  • At the event itself we will be offering vegetarian food on donation for everyone who participates, as long as they inform us at least one day in advance. Special needs (like lactose intolerance, veganism etc.) shall be covered. Our focus will be on local organic food with an eye on sustainability.
  • All other expenses (materials, necessary transportation etc.) need to be covered.

What will we do for you?

  • We will send you love and good vibes and blessings from the bottom of our beautiful hearts!
  • We will document the progress and keep you up to date with videos, blogging and a podcast.
  • On our journey we will learn even more about learning techniques which we want to share with you.

The Spring Academy is organised by EUDEC Greece and the Spring Academy volunteer team based in Corfu.  EUDEC Greece is a regional chapter of EUDEC (European Democratic Education Community), a non-profit organisation that works across Europe. We are active throughout Greece to promote Democratic Education.

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It is taking place at Casa Lucia.Since 1980 Casa Lucia supports and accommodates alternative educational, artistic and therapeutic programs for all ages, permanent and stable, temporary and mobile, making it a living example of implementation of the Academy’s objectives.

Photos from last year’s Spring Academy:

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