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An open and participatory platform for crowdfunding, to promote self financing of social and cooperative projects.



Coopfunding is a crowdfunding platform (micro financiation/micro sponsoring web) which gives cooperative projects visibility and access to collective financing, therefore supporting self management and organization.

This project has been created in conjunction by CASX ( Cooperative for the Networking of Social self financing) and the CIC (Integrated Catalan Cooperative).

This platform is a tool for financing and publicizing cooperative projects, a window of opportunity where we can let our projects be known and support networking and self management.

Without commissions, Coopfunding finances itself only through donations.

Coopfunding is the first platform for co financing ehich does not take commissions from recived donations.

Coopfunding sustains itself through an on going campaign of micro financing which will collect resources, not only monetary, which will support the self mamagement of the system. In this way, we do not charge comission to the projects we publish and which receive financing, because we work through donations.

For this reason the campaign for Coopfunding is always open.

We have estimated that 3000 EUROS (or equivalent local currency units) is the amount we need to cover the expenses we have incurred to set this project up.

Once this target has been reached we will set up new ones which will help us in mainteining and supporting the project.

You can find out more information here:



Other forms to get involved:

  • Donate your time to help promote projects in Coopfunding

  • Get involved in the core group to keep extending and improving coopfunding

  • Share your suggestions and ideas with us


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