Disobedience has no place in prison, protect Integral Revolution

Framed within the integral revolution, this is a collective initiative promoted by the support group for Enric and aimed at funding the
organizational structure for preventing any disobedience activists from ever going to prison.
At this moment, the trial process of Enric Duran is at a standstill after he did not appear before the judge the last 12th of February. As of today he still doesn't have a lawyer but despite this, since the 13th of March the provincial court passed a resolution decreeing search seizure and detention for Enric Duran. This is what the prosecutor had asked for in court. We will appeal this sentence because we do not consider it legitimate to enact changes in a legal status if there is no-one responsible for the defense.

Whatever happens, Enric has no intention of participating in a trial where the political motives of the action are not taken into account;
particularly the defence argue of necessity that has been totally ignored, rejecting all of the 23 witnesses presented.
In his latest communications (reading recommended: http://www.enricduran.cat ), our colleague has expressed that he does
not believe the current judicial system is legitimised to judge him.

He maintains that he can be more reciprocal to society if he is free rather than in prison. He has also written an open letter addressed to the
judge and the prosecution where he states that he will not accept any decision made without him participating, because he believes in a method
of conflict resolution where all the concerned parties are part of the decision. For this reason, he has announced in this letter that he will
work to present a proposal that would benefit the whole of society.
  • To support the creation of an organizational structure to protect the bodily integrity of Enric Duran and other activists who are committed to the transformation of society, the Integral Revolution and freedom of speech, or that at some time are persecuted by the State’s judicial, repressive and economic powers, and of those who wish to disobey. · To support the research and development of integral strategies to guarantee that disobedient activists are not persecuted or threatened with prison. In this sense, to further the search for alternatives to the judicial system and a failing criminal justice system based on imprisonment, which may also benefit many social groups that could be affected by penitentiary measures at any given time.
  • To promote freedom of speech by sharing information and censored content that has not been made public due to the pressure of the established powers. This structure will also allow the consolidation of ways of study and research that nowadays cannot be developed and which are sources of spreading knowledge related to health, technology, energy…

Many of us know cases of persecuted researchers and murdered journalists. In Mexico alone, 71 journalists have been murdered in the past 12 years. The case against Julian Assange, responsible for Wikileaks, is quite visible.

It has been more than a century since the Tesla case, a genius of energetic inventions. The state of poverty in which he lived his last days is still food for thought.

Apart from these well known cases there are hundreds of situations where there is censorship and pressure from the de facto powers, against whom more could be done with a collective structure such as this one.

Given that it is getting riskier to defend freedom of speech and the common good, it is necessary to create new self-managed protection structures that are capable of making us invisible in front of the systems of control in their different aspects.

At the same time, we are working towards greater international reach.

We belong to the group supporting Enric Duran. We are disobedient  activists working towards the integral revolution.
- http://www.enricduran.cat
- http://www.integrarevolucio.net

Our organising principles are trust and affinity, mutual support and solidarity, assembly and self-management.
This experience will take place in Catalunya, where projects and initiatives and the human interactions arising from these will be
promoted. At the same time, we are working towards greater international reach.
To cover logistics needs specific to this initiative during its initial phase. This is key because the foundations to allow its progressive
expansion will be established at this stage. Further to this campaign and in accordance with the dimension of the goals of this project, the
funding ways will be diversified.

·Stickers and A3 poster: Exclusive design to share the campaign and keep a memory of this project.
·Handkerchief with an exclusive design to wave anywhere.
·Economic Disobedience Manual, 2nd edition on fiscal disobedience, with updated information and new ideas. More information:

·USB memory stick, 3 versions:
1. 4GB memory stick including the publications CRISI, PODEM, VOLEM (Crisis, We Can, We Want), Rebel·leu-vos (Rebel Yourselves), the book
Abolim la Banca (Let’s Abolish the Banks), the Economic Disobedience Manual (2013 edition) and a digital compilation of key materials on
disobedience and self-management.
2. 4GB memory stick with GNU/Linux TAILS (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) to navigate safely and anonymously + all the previous contents.
3. 8-16GB memory stick with social and revolutionary media files especially materials that provide key knowledge and have been censored
by the establishment
· Welcome and guidance at the second meeting without borders of integral cooperatives taking place between the 25th and 28th of April in
Elx and La Marina (Alacant), food and accommodation included. 
·[Special for groups I] Personalised training on several fields to choose from any topic related with the integral revolution (half-day).

· Collectivization title from AureaSocial, an open space for integral revolution + Guided tour. More information: http://femlocomu.aureasocial.org

·[Special for groups II] Personalised training on several fields to choose from any topic related with the integral revolution (full day).



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