Coopfunding is born: a platform for free cofinancing and cooperation

By Coopfunding

We already have it: Coopfunding, the platform for co-financing (crowdfunding), free and cooperative to promote the self financing of cooperative project which was born at the hands of the Cooperative for Social Selffinancing and Networking (CASX) and the CIC (Catalan Integrated Cooperative)



The main objectives of coopfunding are: create a web which will facilitate micro sponsoring and acces to collective financing for community projects, give visibility to these projects, facilitate networking, promote self management and sustainability.


A fundamental trait of this co-financing platform, which also differentiates it from others, is that there will no be commission charge, because Coopfunding is supported by donations. Effectively, Coopfunding starts its financing today, through an on going campaign which will collect any resources (not only of monetary nature) which will support it.


Also, amongst all its functions there are some new and interesting ones, like the option to accept requests for support through money or in kind, to choose if give rewards or not to donors, to choose time frame of the campaign (within various and flexible options) etc.


Likewise there will be different options for donating, for instance through local currencies or criptomoney, through a varied payment scheme.


In order to participate in the platform, it will be necessary to be a community, cooperative project and to subscribe to the principle of both CASX and the CIC, without the need to be a legal entity.



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