Crowdaction Campaign for a FairCoin real economy

Crowdaction campaign for a Faircoin real economy

This is a campaign for getting some hundreds of people who can commit to buy at least 200 faircoins per month by person, with the goal to reach at least 6000 euros and 120000 faircoins, every month. This will cover the needs of the producers and merchants who accept faircoin.

  • 17% Funded
  • 1,030.00€ Funded
  • 6 Days to Go

S.O.S. Refugees – Cardedeu

Cardedeu in solidarity with the Refugees. We have an Ucranian family to host and we need an apartment. Help us. Help them.

  • 28% Funded
  • 4,263.25€ Funded
  • 6 Days to Go

Refugees Fund – FairCoop

This fund will focus on helping autonomous and self-management projects involving refugees and solving their need to retain full control over the decisions made in their lives. For example new settlements, and the creation of productive and holistic initiatives with which they can fulfill their material and immaterial needs on a daily basis, while offering something useful to the society in which they find themselves.

  • 22% Funded
  • 5,449.57€ Funded
FairFunds of FairCoop

FairCoop, the Earth cooperative for a fair economy

The permanent Coopfunding campaign to feed the Fair Coop funds is scheduled for a resource redistribution action, at both local and global scales. Through this campaign Fair Coop facilitates everyone at the same time to start a faircoin savings account trhough FairSaving.

  • 2% Funded
  • 1,610.00€ Funded

Cooperativa Integral Catalana. Donations campaign

The Cooperativa Integral Catalana (CIC), begun its journey in May 2010, gathering a set of principles which had been developing amongst  a varied group of social activists, within the scope of projects dedicated to self organization and…

  • 4% Funded
  • 409.00€ Funded

We all fund, Coopfunding

CoopFunding: An open and participatory platform for crowdfunding, to promote self financing of social and cooperative projects.   Presentation Coopfunding is a crowdfunding platform (micro financiation/micro sponsoring web) which gives cooperative projects visibility and access to…

  • 27% Funded
  • 822.31€ Funded

CASX, Financing Self-Management to Integral Revolution

CASX: Cooperativa d’Autofinançament Social en Xarxa Què és CASX? CASX és una cooperativa de finançament sense interessos, autogestionada i assembleària. ¿Què vol dir això? Doncs que som una alternativa a la banca tradicional i…

  • 0% Funded
  • 0.00€ Funded