CASX, Financing Self-Management to Integral Revolution


Self-Financing Social Network Cooperative

What is CASX?

CASX is a self-management financial interest cooperative. What does this mean? Well, we are an alternative to traditional and commercial banking based on debt, we can rely on our savings and seek funding for our projects.


  • No Interest: You can make a payment or deposit, which will bring no economic benefits to you through interest, but it will be ​​available to individuals and groups that have a social project and they need a push or loan…
  • Assembly:  every decision is made in the regular meetings and through consensus. Everyone who is part CASX can see the projects, the people who want to carry them out, as well as the viability and return plan…

Casx operating without interest is an important fact that we want to highlight. This means that loans and deposits do not generate interest, ie, don´t  generate economic benefits of the money which is the main cause of the current economic situation, which results in the continuous generation of debt…


This  project operates within the boundries of Catalonia, through smaller projects and initiatives and the human interactions which arise from these.

 We have principles that speak for themselves:



  • Interest in Common good and the importance of individual wellbeing.
  • Moving away from materialism and back to cultivating human relationships.
  • Cooperation and solidarity in social transformation.
  • Ongoing transition in everyday life, from utopia into reality.
  • Coherence between theoryl and action.
  • Inclusiveness for all members of society.


  • Equity and social justice.
  • Equality in diversity.
  • Self employment and mutual support.
  • Engagement and critical thinking.
  • Promotion of our practices throughout society.


  • Attend to people needs over any other interest. Freedom to contribute each one according to our means.
  • Establish fair economic relations between producers and consumers.
  • Currency is only a token of exchange  which aim is not accumulation.
  • We encourage non-monetary forms of exchange such as gift economy and community donations.
  • Social currency is not convertible in official currency.
  • The loans may be returned in kind, social currency or official currencies.
  • Deposits and loans will be provided free of interest.
  • We will not lend money if it’s not available: we will keep 1/3 of deposits as fund’s liquidity, another 1/3 will go towards consolidated investment projects and the last 1/3 on projects presented at the member´s meetings.
  • Deposits will be used to fund individual and collective initiatives which promote self and social transformation.
  • We will generate tools for reducing costs in everyday life as a way of replacing the need for monetary profit to improve the quality of life.
  • We will promote shared ownership of land and real estate.


We promote:

  •  A responsible relationship with the natural environment and ecosystems as a legacy to future generations.
  • Defense and recovery of land and communal property.
  • Decrease consumption and  promote sustainability.


  • Democracy: Direct, deliberative, participative.
  • Self-management and decentralization.
  • Transparency.
  • From local to global.
  • Horizontal organization and consensus decision making.
  • Autonomy and solidarity.

All members can participate in CASX’s meetings  and working groups.

Members meetings are where actions and investment projects are decided.

Members meetings are the tool for decision making in all areas related to the smooth running of CASX.



You can find the list of projects we financed here:


– To cover running costs such as materials and distribution, website, etc.

– To create a guaratee fund against loans.


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