By TheAlbero

Imagine that around the world people from different backgrounds start to play in making a better world, playing to connect people from across the world in completely new way. Imagine you can support the creation of such a game… Stop imagining join and support Play 4 Life ! You are invited to join and support the 11.11.2017 PlayDay in which Game Makers around the world would invite the world to Play4Life Globally and Locally. Support the project and Stay tuned!

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    Join the Game! You will receive Play4Life player-member access to the unique game platform with maps and live updates from the Game-Makers

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    Adopt a Game Maker! Get a personal salut and live stream from the game on 11.11.2017

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    Create a FairTreasure! You will be invited to choose a place and a social task to be included in the game