New projects

SolArterra: Supporting Community Energy Sovereignty

We’re Arterra Bizimodu, an independent and self-organized community of fifty adults and children making our way as an ecovillage. Can you help us on the way towards energy sovereignty?

  • 7% Funded
  • 1,810.00€ Funded
  • 23 Days to Go


join and support the 11.11.2017 PlayDay in which Game-Makers and Players would for the first time test Play4Life Game experience on a Global and Local scale.

  • 0% Funded
  • 0.00€ Funded
  • 30 Days to Go


Toda ayuda por poca que pueda parecer será más que bienvenida para poder cumplir un sueño! Amantes del rock y de la música no-convencional, es el momento, os necesitamos ahora más que nunca!

  • 3% Funded
  • 50.00€ Funded
  • 170 Days to Go

Contribute to the Décentrale Synergiehub on Mont-Soleil

Synergiehub, an epicenter for self-empowered culture Dear friends and supporters of Dézentrale and Synergiehub,  Our beautiful house and landscape is in need of critical renovation and restoration and therefore we ask your help.    As you maybe already know,…

  • 56% Funded
  • 5,640.00€ Funded

Refugees Fund – FairCoop

This fund will focus on helping autonomous and self-management projects involving refugees and solving their need to retain full control over the decisions made in their lives. For example new settlements, and the creation of productive and holistic initiatives with which they can fulfill their material and immaterial needs on a daily basis, while offering something useful to the society in which they find themselves.

  • 22% Funded
  • 5,449.57€ Funded
FairFunds of FairCoop

FairCoop, the Earth cooperative for a fair economy

The permanent Coopfunding campaign to feed the Fair Coop funds is scheduled for a resource redistribution action, at both local and global scales. Through this campaign Fair Coop facilitates everyone at the same time to start a faircoin savings account trhough FairSaving.

  • 2% Funded
  • 1,660.00€ Funded

We all fund, Coopfunding

CoopFunding: An open and participatory platform for crowdfunding, to promote self financing of social and cooperative projects.   Presentation Coopfunding is a crowdfunding platform (micro financiation/micro sponsoring web) which gives cooperative projects visibility and access to collective…

  • 27% Funded
  • 822.31€ Funded