Payment forms

Donation process and accepted payment options:

Coopfunding accepts a variety of payment methods, with the double objective of facilitating donations and supporting alternatives which do not depend on the use of bank account and bank services in general.

You can make donations without the need to register on the site or if you prefer you can register in such a way that your profile will be safe and will help you to track and follow the projects which you are supporting.

Donation steps:

1 . When you have selected a project, you go to the project’s profile page and you will find a green rectangular button on the right which will invite you to Donate Now.

2 . After you have clicked you will be re directed to another page in which you will be able to choose the amount of your donation or type it yourself.

3 . Once you have selected the amount, you will be directed to the checkout page where you will be able to begin the payment process through:

a) Credit or debit card via Fairbill
b) Other forms of payment

4 . If you choose Fairbill, in the same page you will find an online form where you will be asked to fill in your details, if you are a registered user you will only need to do this once.

One of the details requested will be your debit or credid card number.

You need to bear in mind that this option will ask for a commission which will be automatically discounted from your donation to the project. The commission is 3.1% + 0,30€ per operation.

All other options will not charge this commission and there are no other intermidiary parties, for this reason these are the options we recommend.

In the case of Fairbill, the donation will be immediately credited to the Coopfunding account and to the campaign stats. The amounts recieved this way (credit card) go to the coopfunding admin account and they are transfered to the campaign’s account once a week.

5 . When you choose other payment options, you will receive an e-mail with all the ones we accept and your donation will remain pending until you have completed the relevant payment process.

6 . We will outline here what other payment methods we accept, although it may be that some projects will not have them operative, so you have to check with each project:

a) Bank Transfer

You will be able to transfer money electronically from your bank accountot the account number you will receive in the e mail, the subject will be Coopfunding and the name of the project you have choosen.

b ) Money in cash

In the e mail you will receive the details to be able to go and give the money directly to the project of your choice.

c ) Ecos – CES or Integral CES

You can give us your iCES or CES account number from whichever of the iCES or CES networks you find here or here,, and we will debit it for you.

d) Faircoins, Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies

In the email you will receive details of how to donate according to the current exchange value.

e) Other payment options

We could accept payments through other methods or in other local currencies such as LETS for example. You would have to tell us which local currency you want to use and we will let you know how to accomplish the transaction.

For whatever doubts or info you can write to us at:


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