We are fully functioning!

By Coopfunding

Coopfunding has started! We are now fully functioning!


Coopfunding is already past the beta phase, which started on April 23 and now we can finally say it is fully operative.

New projects which are being finalized now will be added to the campaign in the next few days.

In the last few weeks we have concentrated mainly on improving the management of projects, ensuring that each one is now autonomous and can be accessed as such, avoiding an overload of work for the administration.

We still have to work on a few details which will improve with time but which are not affecting the proper functioning of the platform.

Starting from now, Coopfunding is a resource at the service of all social movements, for the creation of projects and grassroots alternatives.

Finally, we would like to remind you that this is an open project, open to suggestions and proposals, participation and collaboration, all together we can make it work!

Coopfunding team
2014, june 3th

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