What is Coopfunding?

COOPFUNDING – A free and cooperative crowdfunding platform that promotes the self financing of cooperative projects.

CoopFunding is a crowdfunding platform for the common good which seeks to promote self management by facilitating visibility and access to collective financing to cooperatively run, commons based and socially oriented projects, using many official, alternative and local currencies.

We do not charge campaign fees, and donors do not pay fees either*! This platform wants to be supported only by donations (not necessarily monetary), to CoopFunding’s own permanent donations campaign (please contribute here).

With this website, you can support many interesting projects, or if you have a cooperative project, you can set up your own campaign with some special key conditions:

  • No fees (except for credit card payments*).
  • You can keep all your donations even if you don’t reach your goal.
  • You can create a second timeframe and/or have a second phase goal, an extended campaign or even a permanent campaign (in some cases) for an ongoing project or activity.
  • Use alternative local or social currencies, cryptocurrencies or pay in cash at a space run by campaigns or with agreements with us (manual gateway).
  • Manage your campaign’s manual donations directly in your own accounts.
  • Choose to either run a ‘donations only’ campaign or instead run a campaign offering specific rewards in gratitude of specific amounts contributed (preferably non-material items, to avoid shipping). This ‘with rewards’ option can be used also to split the incomimg donations into sub destinations, but needs to work with a table of fixed amounts.

This project has arisen from the Catalan Integral Cooperative (CIC) and is still being supported mainly by this open organization in Catalonia. It is managed by a small team of volunteers and developed using open source software based on wordpress.

Using our zero-comission manual gateway the campaign can show donors the available payment options, direct to the campaign. We promote the use of alternate currencies, so this can be done using social currency, faircoin or other cryptocurrencies. Also without comission you can use fiat currency (euros and others) accepting cash in physical places or by bank transfer.

If the project doesn’t have a bank account we can create one for the campaign, so you can receive donations by transfer.

*We also accept using credit cards online for the donations through the FairBill.com service, but they have a comission of 3.1% + 0.30€ applied to the donor when using card payments. So the campaign receives a bit less with credit card payments, and the amounts received this way are not automatically transfered to the campaign’s account (it’s a manual process, usually done every week). This fee doesn’t go to CoopFunding: its all FairBill and visa fees.

Campaign publishing criteria

  • It must be a cooperatively run project.
  • To either be a member of an organisation working for the Integral Revolution, such as the CIC or FairCoop, or to be a public project for the common good.
  • To act in accordance with the general principles of the Integral Revolution, the P2P Commons and the Hacker Ethics.
  • You don’t need a legal structure or a bank account for your project to run a coopfunding campaign, but the project must be real and must benefit as many people as possible.

Coopfunding is operated by Xarxa Autogestio Social SCCL

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