How it works?

For contributors:

  • You can just navigate the site and choose the campaign of your interest to make a donation.
  • Some campaigns have predefined amounts to choose from and in others you can introduce a specific amount.
  • If you register and login to the site, you can optionally maintain a history of your donations.
  • You can make anonymous donations if you choose to remain anonymous in the backers list of the campaign, by checking the appropiate option.
  • Only one campaign donation is admitted per checkout operation.


For campaign authors:

First Phase

  • Start your campaign by clicking ‘Add’ in the ‘Projects’ menu.
  • You’ll need to register and log in before submitting a campaign.
  • Start to define your campaign texts and images in the site frontend, saving your work as a draft until you decide it is ready to submit to us for review.
  • Choose between symbolic rewards for fixed contributions, or donation-only, or flexible user defined amounts for campaign donations.
  • If the campaign offers rewards, check if you need the backer’s shipping address or not (and that you are able to deal with shipping separately from CoopFunding). Non-physical or digital rewards don’t require shipping.
  • Define goal amounts and campaign duration.
  • Choose the appropiate categories (or ask for a new one if you don’t think the existing ones fit).
  • Write also a short summary – an extract. This is a single introductory paragraph to your campaign, which is shown on many site pages and in the campaign widget.
  • Create a featured image for the campaign, horizontal and with exactly 710 x 439 pixels (minimun 360×222), to fit the front page slider.
  • Other images can be inserted in the text content, either vertical or horizontal, floating right or left side or centered.
  • When all you can do in the frontend is ready, then you submit the campaign and starts our team review. Please wait our answer.
  • If the campaign is accepted to run we start the next phase. If not, we can tell you to rework on it again or perhaps that is not suitable for this platform.

Second Phase

  • We’ll upgrade permissions of your user and when you log in again you will have more options in ‘Your Profile’ menu:
  • Click the ‘Campaign Managment’ button from the ‘Your Profile’ menu to go to the wordpress backend.
  • Editing your campaign in that way give you access to define the Manual Gateway Settings, the place where you need to define the subject and body of the email received by the backer, showing the payment options you offer in your campaign.
  • In that text must be included the details, such as social currency account, faircoin, bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, physical cash recieving places and timetables, and the bank transfer account details to receive euros without fees.
  • We will open a new account in Betabank for the campaign, and will give you the online access to it. Basically you’ll receive there the credit card donations, but you can use the same account to receive bank transfers, so you have all the digital euro donations together.
  • Also is the time to create translations of your campaign in the available languages (working to add more):
  • If you need translations but can’t provide them, we can offer translation services from Guerrilla Translation or others.
  • When everything is ok in all the campaign languages, we can publish all and start the countdown.

Third Phase

  • Then is your turn to spread the campaign as much as possible using your networks. You can embed the campaign widget in other websites easily (clicking the ‘<>’ button), and use the other sharing buttons in the sidebar or below the campaign, to reach the most social networks and audience possible.
  • You’ll have to self-manage the manual payments during the campaign:
  • Click the ‘Contributions Management’ button from ‘Your Profile’ menu to go directly to the payments table.
  • Edit only the payments coming from the manual gateway, and change their state to ‘completed’ once you have received the payment, either by bank transfer, crypto or social currencies or by physical means. Then the payment is accounted in the total stats of the campaign.
  • Be careful when doing this, choosing the right payment id and checking the backer email and the amount, because after a payment is set to complete it can’t be reverted to pending.
  • The credit card payments coming from the fairbill gateway are automatic and you don’t need to do nothing. If the credit card suceeds the payment became completed and if there’s any problem the payment remains ‘sended’ or ‘pending’, or changes to ‘failed’ or ‘abandoned’.
  • The funds received by credit card are going to the site admins general account and they are transfered in a weekly basis to the campaign own account (with the fairbill comissions already applied).
  • Doesn’t matter if the goal is not reached, the funds received will go to the campaign anyway.
  • If the campaign goes good we encourage everyone to make a donation to the self-sustaining CoopFunding permanent campaign.


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